Educational Supplies

Some supplies, like paper and pencils, can be found anywhere. Other supplies can be found at various crafts stores and special educational supply stores (toys and games or workbooks). Here’s a list of some of my favorite supply sites.
General supplies:

Amazon: They have anything you need, you just need to search for it. The selection can be overwhelming if you do not know what you want.

Barnes and Noble: They have textbooks, games, and workbooks for children of all abilities in a wide range of subjects.

Lakeshore Learning: They are a school supply store with everything you might need to run a classroom including furniture and other basic supplies.

Reading and Literacy:

Starfall: This is a website devoted to reading and literacy. They have books and lessons to purchase, but they also have free online games, worksheets, and an app available in the Apple store.

Sacramento Area:

A Brighter Child: This store has everything you might need to teach subjects you know nothing about or specific lessons (like foreign language or Ancient Roman history). They have homeschooling supplies from a variety of providers and work with homeschool charters to provide supplies. Their staff is knowledgeable and can help with questions. They also – occasionally – have classes for homeschoolers on different subjects.

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