Places to go in Sacramento Area

All of these are places we’ve gone and things we have done. I’ve included the greater Sacramento Area (and a few things all the way to Tahoe) because they are all within a 2 hour drive – which is what I consider a “day trip.”

Bassi Falls Hike – My whole family did this hike – including my son when he was 2.5 years old. It is not a stroller hike – there are some boulders to climb – but it was fairly easy. We had a blast.

Coloma Gold Discovery Area – This is a fun place to go and walk around and play in. We had a blast. All the main area is easy enough for the little kids. It was a lot of fun. Take sun screen and something to sit on.

Funtastic Elk Grove – We go here as our “indoor playground.” It has a free form play area and a play structure with two slides. There is a quiet play room that is stocked with books and toys and an art table. There are tables for parents to sit at and food to eat. All the play areas are visible from the parent tables. It is enclosed and is nice to let the kids run aorund in.

Marshall Gold Discovery State Park – This state park is a paid day use fee ($7). If you go on the weekends there are all kinds of participatory exhibits, a black smith’s shop, gold panning lessons, and more. There are lots of short, family and stroller-friendly trails. There are also longer hikes. There is a nice river and lots of picnic areas. Here’s a review of the park from when we went as a family.

Sacramento Children’s Museum – We go here quite often. They have story time on Tuesday afternoon and a special learning activity on Thursday afternoons. They have great play areas and everything is nice. The staff is great and helpful and they don’t mind when kids try and take the golf balls from the golf ball area into the post office area. We really like the art and water play areas.

Sierra Discovery Trail – We did this hike with both kids. The youngest was in a Mobi Wrap when we did it. We could’ve taken the stroller – there would have been some “off roading” but it would have been fine. The bathrooms are pit toilets, and so our son preferred to pee in the woods. The water is cold, but slow enough that with his father they could get in.

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