Places to go in the Bay Area

Tilden Park –  We love Tilden Park. The whole park is stroller accessible. There are some hills (mainly the big one around the Little Farm), but we did the whole thing with a double stroller. The hikes are short and trails are well kept. The animals can be fed lettuce and celery at the farm, and all the animals are nice. There are bathrooms everywhere and large grassy areas with picnic tables to sit and eat. Water fountains are all around. The park is great.

Giggles – I know the online reviews are mixed, but we like this spot for indoor play. It is a big warehouse space filled with toys that kids can play on. They have a strict no-nuts policy (which is nice), but they let you bring in your own food. They have bathrooms in the back of the area. There are chairs all around for parents to sit on when kids are playing. There are no arts and crafts or anything, simply a lot of toys and bouncers and games to play. It is an active space to play in. Make sure everyone is wearing socks! They are required.

Bay Area Discovery Museum –  I can’t say enough about this place. We have a membership here and go a lot. Lots of play, arts, food, activities, and learning go on here. It is for the younger set; anyone over the age of 8 might get tired of this place quickly. Bring a picnic and plan to stay all day. It is great.

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