Nature contest.

One of the fun advantages of being a homeschooler is getting all these notifications about contests. Most of them I’m not interested in doing right now because they are too complex – and involve a lot of writing.

But I got sent an email about a nature based one that is art, photography, music, video, or writing based. Here’s the link to the contest:

I asked Nicholas if he wanted to do it and what categories. Not surprisingly he picked art, photo, and video categories. So we made  a plan for each entry.

I’m lucky we are headed to the Bay Area this week. He wants to make a sand picture. So we will go to the bay and get sand. He can then make his sand picture with glue and paint. It’s going to be messy, but he wants to do it. I’ll have to find a way to ship it to the contest, but that’s my issue and not his. That’s what I get for offering him to do anything.

He’s already decided on his video topic: Sand castles. He wants to show why he loves the beach. So I now am planning a trip to Stinson Beach so he can have his sand area to build castles. Lovely huh? I think I might be indulging him a little too much, but it’s what he wants to do.

He hasn’t decided on his picture yet, but he thinks he might want to go to the river and take “tons, like a million” pictures. Then he will pick the best one and we can send it in. Sounds good to me.

Here’s what I like about this contest:

1. It is nature based.

2. It is required that the kids do their own thing.

3. It’s easy to enter.

4. There’s lots of chances for him to win.

5. The prizes aren’t about cash.

I also like that he got to pick the categories and he can enter as many as he wants. He also has to plan. I’m not picking what he’s doing – he has to make a plan for himself and get it all done. He’s also going to really learn how to work with iMovie before this is all done – the movie he makes I’m going to make him edit and stuff.

He’s also going to learn about waiting and possibly – probably – about losing. Why do I assume this? Because the age category is K-4th grade. He’s not the best at any of these things, and he’s going against kids who are 4 or more years older than him, so they will have more experience. So I’m assuming he’s going to lose. And then will be presently surprised if he doesn’t.

We shall see and I’ll update people as we go about this contest.

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