Developing curriculum

One of the greatest things about homeschooling is that every time of year is a great time to start developing new curriculum for your kids.

I’m a big supporter of child-led learning. This means taking the interests your child has and using those to teach. However, there are some things that I want my child to learn and be exposed to that he might not gravitate to on his own. Therefore, I have to develop some curriculum.

I’m a big fan of introducing classics early, so I’m working on developing some Greek and Roman mythology curriculum right now. Taking into account the fact that my son is an active learner, that my daughter likes I color, and that they love stories I am working towards my goal.

Right now I’m making a list of the gods and goddesses that we will cover. Since they are so young this will be a small list. Then picking the myths. And then I get to develop activities.

When it’s all done I’ll make sure it’s available to everyone.

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