Kumon Simple Addition finished!

Nicholas’ certificate for finishing the book. It wasn’t quite as important as eating pancakes.

We finished the My Book Of Simple Addition book. It’s done.

We finished in about 4 weeks. It starts with simple 1+1 and 1+2. It moves through up to 28+2.  In each new section they have a number line that the kids help fill in and use to help them add. Then, towards the end, the number lines disappear and the problems are on the page.

One of the problems is that this book is incredibly repetitious. That si also a benefit for a lot of kids. For mine, not so much. It was too much repetition towards the end. But it did reinforce the math concepts and get him to memorize the math problems without having to do extra work. So in the end, I’m fairly happy.

We are getting the next book in the series – Addition – today and will start it tomorrow.

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