Using free online platforms for courses.

I’m a big fan of not reinventing the wheel. I use worksheets that I can print off other people’s sites, workbooks that have information that I need, and library books as textbooks. I also use college-level classes, that are free online, as basic backbones for information to teach.

Why the college classes? The professors are well known in their field and the information is free. When you try to get online textbooks for various classes – since I am not an expert in all information and need help from time to time – there are none. Or if they are out there, the books and information cost a lot of money.

I’m homeschooling. That doesn’t mean I am rich. I have to keep costs low enough that I can continue to homeschool. Unlike a public school, I don’t get an average daily amount per student to help run my school. I make due with what we already have.

Therefore, free information and worksheets are a great tool that helps me out a lot.

There are two online educations platforms that I really like – MIT’s Opencoursewear and Coursera.

Both of these platforms hold college level classes in a wide range of areas. Whether you want music, engineering, math, or humanities classes, you can find them here. And what is more – they give you all the tools you need. They have the books listed, but they also have all the articles they read, the syllabus, and some even have notes and tests. The courses are academically sound, rigorous, and provide an amazing amount of information.

What is more – they have courses that help me too. I recently did a music class through Coursera with my son and he was amazed to find that mommy had to learn things too. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun.

Go visit the sites. They will amaze you.

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