Our new word game.

I’ve been having a little problem getting my son to work on reading. He can do it when he wants to, but he would prefer to have you read to him. In part, this is because he chooses – and likes – books that are beyond his reading ability. Partly it is because we gather on the couch and reading is a fun family activity. And partly because he doesn’t want to. When he really doesn’t want to do something, I have to find a work around.

So our new work around is the magnetic word set I found on Zulily. Zulily is a website that sells all kinds of things – home decor, clothing, costumes, and educational supplies – at a huge discount. I got our chalkboards here. I have gotten music cd’s, counting games, clothes, and shoes from here. But sometimes they have great educational retailers with their supplies on huge discounts. Our wall charts, placemats, word games, and art supplies all came from here.

Back to our word set…

He loves to play it. I lay out the endings to the words on the chart and he puts the magnetic words up in the right spot. I make him say what the word is before he puts it up in the spot. Then he goes through the stack of word magnets and finds the rhyming words. Once he’s gathered all the rhyming words, he moves onto another ending.

Why do I like this? It is working on his rhyming and reading skills. Yes, he’s learning common word endings and blends. Yes, he’s identifying rhyming words. Even better is I know he can do it. Sometimes I get caught in the “he can do it if he wants to but he never demonstrates it” trap. But with this word game I know that he can do it, and he demonstrates that he can do it.

We spend at least 10 minutes a day working on this. I have even discovered that you can print off stickers (the return address sized ones) from your computer with different words and endings on them to make more complex words. So the word set will be able to expand.

I really like this new addition to our routine.

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