Wonderful Fall printables pack.

While I was strolling around on the Internet, trying to find something to do with my preschoolers that involved numbers, letters, and pumpkins (or ghosts or something; it was Halloween), I came across this pack of printable activities:

Fall Learning Pack Printables

These printables come from the Homeschool Creations website and they are great. In addition to the Fall pack, they have a bunch of other packs for preschool.

One of the great things about these printables is that there is also a link to a blog about lessons they did with these printables. I think that is invaluable. Sometimes you are just short on time or ideas and want someone else’s opinion of what works. It is why blogs are great! The Homeschool Creations blog has tons of these ideas and is always good about sharing them and showing pictures of what they used. I am less good about that, but I am trying to get better.

The printables they have are all geared towards kids who are in preschool and pre-K. But a lot of them require, in order to do the worksheets by themselves, that the kids be able to trace, know their numbers, and match. Some of the printables require the children to know their letters.

However, my advice is to hang out while your child does these printables. If you want an activity to put your child at a table and let them go, try giving them a plain notebook and some crayons. Don’t give them “school work” or “learning work” or “worksheets” and let them go. That doesn’t let them have access to help – you – and doesn’t help them engage with you during the learning process. It also take you out of the learning process so you won’t know how much your child is learning or where their skills are. And if your child is anything like mine, he takes advantage of my turned back to do whatever he wants with the worksheets – which is not what the directions tell him to do. Then he smiles like a Cheshire cat and says, ‘i’m done!”


Themed preschool printable packs

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