Critical thinking skills: Mind benders

I really enjoy finding new ways to help my kids develop their thinking skills. Critical thinking is an essential skill and it’s hard to teach. It is something that needs practice and development. I found this book –Mind Benders Beginning Book 1 (PreK-K) – at our local homeschool store. I thought it might be fun.

We are having a ton of fun doing these puzzles. We sat down and did 1o of them at once! I had to make him stop or else we would’ve gone through the whole book today. It took Nicholas – who is 4 – three puzzles to get the hang of how they work. Now he can do them on his own if I’m there to help him read the clues.

I really like it. The puzzles are short and start out very, very easy. The clues are short and don’t have too many clues. The clues stick to concepts that young children will know – smallest, biggest, widest, tallest – and don’t require that they rank the options (Mary has a fish that is smaller than Joan’s, who has a fish smaller than Mark’s). Instead they are one step clues that help them learn how to process things. The pictures are silly, but they are clear about what is what. Nothing is confusing. The pictures, instead of words, on the logic charts make it so the children can do their own markings once they have help with the clues.

You can get the book with the link below (or above).

Mind Benders Beginning Book 1 (PreK-K)

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